Tôi biết ơn những người đã từ chối giúp đỡ tôi, vì nhờ có họ mà tôi đã tự mình làm được. (I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. Its because of them I’m doing it myself. )Albert Einstein
Chúng ta nhất thiết phải làm cho thế giới này trở nên trung thực trước khi có thể dạy dỗ con cháu ta rằng trung thực là đức tính tốt nhất. (We must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy. )Walter Besant
Sự kiên trì là bí quyết của mọi chiến thắng. (Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.)Victor Hugo
Kẻ yếu ớt không bao giờ có thể tha thứ. Tha thứ là phẩm chất của người mạnh mẽ. (The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.)Mahatma Gandhi
Không trên trời, giữa biển, không lánh vào động núi, không chỗ nào trên đời, trốn được quả ác nghiệp.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 127)
Điều quan trọng không phải vị trí ta đang đứng mà là ở hướng ta đang đi.Sưu tầm
Hãy thận trọng với những hiểu biết sai lầm. Điều đó còn nguy hiểm hơn cả sự không biết. (Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.)George Bernard Shaw
Cuộc sống là một sự liên kết nhiệm mầu mà chúng ta không bao giờ có thể tìm được hạnh phúc thật sự khi chưa nhận ra mối liên kết ấy.Tủ sách Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn
Sống trong đời cũng giống như việc đi xe đạp. Để giữ được thăng bằng bạn phải luôn đi tới. (Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. )Albert Einstein
Sự vắng mặt của yêu thương chính là điều kiện cần thiết cho sự hình thành của những tính xấu như giận hờn, ganh tỵ, tham lam, ích kỷ...Tủ sách Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn

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»» Đang nghe bài: Arthur Scargill: ' Criticism of Tory Policies' (3)

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Not satisfied however with the most vicious antiunion legislation in the world, the Tories
are currently introducing new measures which are so draconian they have staggered and
brought forth opposition even from some traditional enemies of the tradeunion
The steps taken against British trade unionism can probably only be compared with
those taken against our German comrades by Hitler in the 1930s. If this new Tory
legislation is left unchallenged, then civil liberties and human rights in Britain are in
danger of being wiped out...
As life in Britain becomes harder, as frustrations and tensions rise, the State must bring
into play all the elements of its machinery in order to suppress any attempts to throw off
its power.
The police are used increasingly in paramilitary fashion. The judiciary use greater
ruthlessness against any trade union that attempts to stand by its rules and constitution
as the experience of the National Union of Mineworkers over the past four years proves.
The courts have dealt just as savagely with the Lambeth and Liverpool councillors who
refused to betray the commitments made to their communities.
Meanwhile the media, now quite openly under the control of international capitalists such
as Murdoch and Maxwell, become even more blatantly the mouthpiece of Tory
philosophy. The British capitalist press can make no claim to either objectivity or
integrity, whether through the gutter journalism of the tabloids, or the more restrained
style of the socalled 'quality' papers; they both play a key role in the daily dissemination
of lies and misinformation to the public.
This is but an outline of the situation which today faces the British Labour and trade
union movement. The terrible irony about it is that whilst throughout our movement there
is general agreement on the ravages of the Tory attack and agreement that it should be
stopped we have not united in an effective force to combat those ravages and challenge
the system which has forced them on to our class.
On the contrary! Rather than uniting to fight our common enemy, our movement has
been diverted time and time again by internal attacks: attacks aimed, disgracefully, at the
very sections which have fought so bravely to carry out Labour Party and TUC policies
by battling to save jobs, industries, communities and services.
Margaret Thatcher has been absolutely clear in recognizing her enemy it is socialism
and she has openly declared her intention of wiping it off the British agenda.


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